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Can Your Customers Make A Phone Call?

EVERYBODY can make a phone call. BUT, not everyone likes to send a Text Message. It’s a lot of extra keystrokes and unfamiliar territory for more than a few. But EVERYONE can make a phone call.

Forget about “short codes”. Forget about Marketing Keywords which can be easily misspelled. Your Customer can just make a phone call to a normal 10-digit phone number from their cell phone and Presto! They have subscribed themselves to your text message marketing list.

It can’t be any easier than that.

Try It Now Yourself – Call (202) 800-1065

And, when they call they will hear your special recorded message AND if they are calling from a mobile phone, they will receive an initial welcoming text message from you as well. Simple. Uncomplicated. Friendly. Effective.

Now they have given you their permission to broadcast or schedule future text messages alerting them to your special deals, coupons and events whenever you want.

Business a bit slow today? Put together a special offer and let your loyal customers know about it. That’s instant revenue and increased profits on demand.

Mobile Marketing is popping up everywhere. Restaurants, Retail Stores, Realtors, Churches & Ministries, Spas & Salons, Hotels & Resorts, Bars & Nightclubs, to name a few, are waking up to the power of Mobile Phone Marketing. Don’t get left in the dust by your competition.

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* plus $2.00 / month for each Marketing Phone Number

* plus $0.02 for each SMS text message sent or received
* plus Free Web Hosting Account For Your Business

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Mobile Marketing Finds New Customers Too

Mobile Marketing is a natural for any business with a customer base that they want to service and grow. Any business that already uses coupons needs to start using Mobile Marketing.

Dry Cleaners, Rug Cleaners, Jewelry Stores, Dentists, Physicians, Physical Therapists, Handy Men, Contractors, Grocery Stores, Fast Food Restaurants, Pizza Delivery, Resale stores, Bargain shops, Political Candidates. The list is endless.

Mobile Marketing Increases Profits

Mobile Marketing is all about building relationships with your existing customers. Offering them discounts, notifying them of upcoming Sales. Reminding them about you and what you can do for them.

Mobile Marketing is all about finding New Customers too. Placing something like “Call (202) 800-1065 For A Free Coupon” on your Advertising, on your company vehicles, on T-shirts, on Bandit Signs, on Freebies will start to generate a steady stream of new customers for your business.

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* Plus SMS Text Message usage cost
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