Mobile Marketing Strategies

Regardless of your particular business model, Mobile communication is the highway to increased revenues.  The challenge comes down to two distinct parts; How do we develop a database of leads and current customers?  When we have the growing database in hand, how do we turn that into increasing revenues?

MageMobile works hand in hand with principals, marketing agencies, coop groups, CMO’s, or whomever designs your current strategies to develop engaging programs to capture mobile subscribers.  These strategies are what sets our company apart as we do more than just provide technology.

Once we understand your business model, we provide the database building techniques that are necessary to produce a Return-on-Investment that any enterprise is looking for in a mobile solution.  Our team works with yours to create all strategies from; point-of-sale, mashing with traditional media, web-site acquisition, and even written disclaimers.

The final and most important piece is creating the frequency, timeliness, and design of the mobile promotions to create awareness and transactions.  The MageMobile team will consult with you to create and deploy strategies that will provide transactions online, in-store, or even on the mobile site.  Even more, we work with brands to drive followers to your social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), double your email databases, or even branding components necessary to produce revenue.  The next step is to see how those strategies fit inside your model. Call today.

Reach Your Customers with Mobile

From Retail to Restaurants, Hotels to Sports teams, our team of marketing experts work to create synergy between all communications and company objectives including Social Networking, email, traditional media, and in venue communications.

Using one of the most robust software systems on the market to control messaging, we capitalize on any mobile opportunity offering the entire gamut of offerings including; Text2screen, text appointment reminders, stringing messages and templates together for timed auto-responses, geo-targeting, geo-fencing and proximity messaging, opt-in management and divisible by region, 2-way interactive mobile programs, send coupons, bar-codes, mobile websites, polling, Text2win and prize generation, and more..  Read more