Mobile Marketing Solutions

First, MageMobile educates and consults our partners on proven best practices in mobile integration. The combination of mobile adds power to any traditional media campaign, but it doesn’t stop there. We create, implement, and help deploy point of sale campaigns with our mobile marketing platform that are critical in the creation of a quality mobile loyalty program.

In addition, studies have proven that proper implementation of mobile strategies require that it is integrated into all promotional materials, the website, disclaimers written or online, email campaigns, and even social networks.

Step 2 of mobile implementation is the easiest part of the process. Our consultants and marketing personnel work hand-in-hand with your organization to create marketing calendars for each of your different types of databases and clientele. These promotions are then scheduled out in advance at the frequency specific to the database, industry, and desired outcome of the mobile advertising campaign.

Here we communicate with the growing database of customers and potential clients through direct SMS campaigns delivering;

  • links to drive mobile commerce (mCommerce)
  • video to drive awareness of new products or events
  • coupons with a picture coupon attached delivered exactly when we want the clients to come in
  • Messages to join us on Facebook or Twitter to add social network followers
  • Calls to action to reply with email addresses capturing the additional touch point
  • Reminders to call to schedule appointments with the phone number where all the customer has to do is click the phone number on the text and they are calling

Increase Customer Loyalty

You have customers that come in once every 2 weeks, once a month, once every two months. By offering mobile opportunities and engagements aggressively to existing customers, your mobile database will grow rapidly. When this happens, timely notification of special VIP only deals and discounts, friendly reminders of events and promotions will get them to come in 2 more times this year.

These customers already love you and your business, and have requested updates and offers. Now when we promote to this loyal database anywhere between 2 and 4 times a month on average (frequency varies greatly by industry), data shows that this branding and timeliness of additional communication will trigger additional engagements over the course of a year.

Lead Generation

Your brand may be attempting to reach out to new customers in a variety of ways; radio, newspaper, direct mail, events, networking, signage, flyers, word of mouth, email, are just a few of the possibilities.

When these potential clients see or hear your message they frequently ignore it, forget it, or simply disregard it because it isn’t the right time of the day, or possibly the right time of their life for your product or service.

When you put the simple, immediate “call-to-action” of  “Call (312) xxx-xxxx” in the center of “traditional” advertising, it gives customers an easy and immediate way to interact with you and your brand.

This is what makes mobile marketing such an incredible lead generation tool.

If they are interested, they engage when they hear the ad, see the sign, or get told to engage. Once they engage with text, they are in the lead (mobile) database which can be mined with future promotions. Each promotion pushed to this database will convert a new percentage of new buyers.

What was the cost of that new buyer? Took you 7 push promotions to get him in. 7 messages x $.05 = $0.35. This is the least expensive cost of a new customer, the cheapest customer acquisition cost of anything else available today. And now, this new customer we will turn into a loyal repeat customer.

Track every dollar you spend on “other” media

The combination of Mobile in any traditional advertising spend allows for the brand to see measurable results of quantities of people that initially engage (opt-in, text in). Adding to the power of the mobile medium, MageMobile even provides the tools to be able to track which of your advertising mediums are really bringing in the transactions. The combinations of these two components are vital to companies looking to eliminate wasted advertising spend.


Radio Station A runs your promotion saying “Call (708) 123-1234 …“. Radio station B runs your same promotion and says “Call (708) 234-2345 …”. You can now easily track how many people called in from each different phone number. Radio station A generated 41 people, and on Radio B 122. The data then points to a potential need to cut radio station A and concentrate more spots on Radio B or stations like it to optimize your advertising dollars.

The measurable results allow companies to cut advertising budget and increase effectiveness of their current efforts.

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